Frequently Asked Questions

Can academic credit be obtained for completing the Odyssey program?

Odyssey may be considered an internship. Some people who completed the Odyssey program have been able to use their experience to gain credits in certain circumstances, but the decision to grant credit is up to each institution. If you wish to seek credit for Odyssey, please consult an academic adviser at your institution first to see if it is a possibility. If you require any confirmation of your experience within the program, please contact the office of your coordinator, who will try to assist you.

Can I choose which city/region I am assigned to?

During the interview, you can mention your preferred location(s), but you cannot specifically choose which location you will be assigned to. While your preferences may be taken into consideration, all assignments are determined by the host province’s coordinator.

Can I ensure that my friend and I will be assigned to the same location for the Odyssey program?

Even if both of you may have succeeded in the interview, there is no guarantee that you will be assigned to the same region. Ultimately, the selection of candidates is up to the host province’s coordinator.

Can I participate in the program again?

Language assistants may participate in Odyssey for a second time, although priority is given to first-time applicants. Language assistants whose contracts are renewed are usually assigned to a new setting in order to broaden their experience. All decisions about contract renewal are made by the local supervisor in consultation with the coordinator.

Can I start later in the year?

If there are positions still available, you can start work later in the year. For more information, get in touch with the coordinator in your home province or territory.

Can I work during the summer?

Language assistants only work with students during the school year, during school hours. The Odyssey program does not run in the summer, as schools are closed and students are on vacation. If you wish to travel during the spring or summer and improve your second language, consider participating in the Explore program. If you’d prefer to work, consider being an Explore monitor.


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